Do you know a first-time homeowner or someone who relocated to a new area? Sometimes, figuring out what to gift to them might be difficult. Rather than gifting a bottle of wine, here are a few options for those of you that are stuck.

Gardening Tools

If you know that the new homeowner has a yard for the first time, consider giving them some of the tools they need to create their own garden. Consider gifting a trowel, rake, shears, and decorations. You can also gift a set of seeds to help the new homeowners start their new garden.


With a new kitchen, the homeowners may now have more space to prepare meals. You can also find a cookbook with specialty cuisines that you know the new homeowners like. If you love to cook and have your own recipes, you can create your own book too.

AI Personal Assistant

With a new home, a virtual assistant like the Amazon Echo or Google Home can help automate certain tasks. If your homeowner already has this device, you can get them a smaller one like the Echo Dot to place in a second room.

Throw Blanket

Create a cozy living room space with a throw blanket. This is the perfect add-on for a night spent binge watching shows or just relaxing.

Candle Set

Create an assortment of different candle sets for the homeowner. You can also select four candles for each season or base your selection from the homeowner’s favorite scents and places.

Coffee Set

Know someone who loves a good cup of coffee? Consider finding out what they like and introducing them to a new blend. You can gift this alongside a French press or other coffee-making device.


This is a great idea especially for homeowners moving away from an area they’ve called home for a while. Browse around local markets in your area and see if you can find coasters. This can be a great way to remind the new homeowners of where they came from.

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